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RescriptRelay is a way to use Relay, a JavaScript client-side framework for building data-driven applications using GraphQL, together with ReScript. This page will briefly introduce the documentation, how it's structured and what to expect.


The documentation is roughly divided into 3 parts:

1. A walkthrough setting up RescriptRelay and introducing the main features#

Each page in the walkthrough will introduce a concept from Relay and explain how to achieve the same thing in RescriptRelay. Each page will also have a section of recommended background reading that you're encouraged to look into if you're not familiar with the concepts explained.

2. An API reference covering the full RescriptRelay API surface#

This will detail all modules, functions and concepts of RescriptRelay in good, old plain table form.

3. Guides, tips and tricks#

Here you'll find resources for making life with RescriptRelay easier.

The next step#

Ok, enough introduction! Let's move on to getting started and start setting up RescriptRelay in your project.